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Like everything in your home, there will be times when your hot tub requires some form of repair or fixing. Some problems with your spa will require very little effort to fix, while others may be expensive and require a great deal of work. Depending on the type of problem, the repairs may be fixable by you or they may require the skills of a qualified professional. If you are unsure of the problem, click here to contact a hot tub plumbing expert.

Common problems associated with spas are often related to the hot tub's filter, water heater, pump and motor. These topics constitute about 75 percent of the problems you will experience with your hot tub. Hot tub filters often become clogged, dirty and ineffective over time and can usually be fixed by the owner. Problems associated with the water are often a result of poor filters or chemical imbalances resulting in dirty water. These can also usually be fixed by the owner.

Some hot tub repairs however should only be done by a professional.  This is where Mitch Plumber comes in handy.  We have the experience and expertise necessary to not only diagnose the issues you are having with plumbing related to your hot tub but we also have the ability to repair the issue to allow you once again enjoy your hot tub.  Hot tubs and Jacuzzi tubs are supposed to be relaxing.  Call Mitch The Plumber to take the stress out of hot tub related plumbing issues.

Avoid Expensive Hot Tub Repairs with Regular Maintenance

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Hot Tubs are a mechanical device like your car and require regular maintenance to avoid costly repairs down the road. Since it is not fun to drain and clean your spa in the winter, make sure to do this chore before the weather gets miserable. You'll be glad you did!  We also recommend that you flush your plumbing system with approved chemical solutions to remove accumulations and buildup from the spa's plumbing.. This routine maintenance will not only prolong the life of your spa but will also allow your spa to be much healhier place to relax. Mitch The Plumber will glad to assist you in routine spa maintenance or we will be glad to make the necessary repairs to your hot tub or spa.

If you are located in Saline, Dexter, or Ann Arbor and need hot tub or spa repair or maintenance give Mitch The Plumber a call (734) 216.0777

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