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Dear Mitch,

I am writing to thank you for your assistance last month with the city water coming into our basement. You were the only person that came out to give an estimate that actually said that the problem was not with our service line, and you were right. All the other plumbers we contacted wanted to dig up our driveway without knowing where the leak was, and would charge us thousands of dollars to do so. Instead you contacted the city water department on my behalf and got them to come out immediately to take second look at my situation (I had called them two weeks prior and gotten nowhere). You spent two hours here advocating for me with the city and helping me to navigate an unfamiliar situation, and you did not charge me a penny. By the following afternoon, the city crew was back with an electronic leak detection technician, Miss Dig, backhoes, and dump trucks to excavate the water main that runs up our court and repair the problem at no cost to us or our neighbors. Thanks to you, we saved a lot of money and got the problem solved quickly once you stepped in. I really appreciate your time, honesty, and advocacy. We would like to show our appreciation with this check for $100. We will certainly keep you in mind for our future plumbing needs.

Sara Callaghan - Ann Arbor

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