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toilet repairA clogged or leaky toilet can be a homeowner’s biggest headache. When the toilet is not repaired quickly it puts us into crisis mode. A leaky toilet tank or a clogged toilet are not only a big inconvenience, but can also be costing you money. There are usually some relatively inexpensive and quick solutions the homeowner can try. If these tactics fail or you don’t feel comfortable trying a toilet repair on your own, it is time to call in the experts. Mitch The Plumber can handle any bathroom plumbing issue from leaky bathroom fixtures, leaky toilets, or a completely clogged toilet; give Mitch a call today (734) 995-5063.

Common Signs a Toilet Repair is Necessary

Running Toilet - A toilet that won't stop running is the most common problem. Your toilet is designed with a float system inside that monitors and maintains the depth of the water in the tank. At the very bottom of the tank is a valve. That valve holds the water in the tank until you are ready to flush. When you flush, that valve opens and allows all of the water in the tank to rush into the bowl. Typically, this is a flapper-style valve.

Since the valve is made of rubber, it can start to decompose over time. Sometimes the rubber hardens and warps. In either case, the valve no longer seals correctly and water is allowed to escape from the tank into the bowl even when you haven't flushed. Since the float mechanism in the tank is going to allow the water to keep running until the tank is full, your toilet will run forever.

Broken Flush Handle - Another common problem is often found with the flush handle itself. That handle sees a lot of use, and since they are often made of plastic, they can break. Mitch The Plumber can supply you with a variety of replacement handles to match all makes and models of toilets.

Leaking Toilet Bowl - A third common problem is discovered when you stand up and realize that your socks are wet. Water leaking out onto the floor from the base of the bowl is indicative of a few different problems. While it could mean that the porcelain has cracked, it's not very likely that this could happen without you knowing it. Something would have to hit the toilet quite hard for this to happen.

Most likely, this leak is cause by a faulty wax ring. If a toilet is not bolted to the floor firmly, it will rock ever so slightly whenever someone sits on it. Over time, this subtle rocking motion will cause the wax ring to work loose. This is usually a simple toilet repair that can resolve the problem quickly and inexpensively.

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